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A bit about us

  • Full disclosure - We love technology! It makes business processes more efficient, it streamlines communication channels between people within and outside your organisation and it allows people to work at peak proficiency.
  • We want our clients to love IT and not fear or dislike it. Ok...we will settle for Like over Love
  • We are large enough to scale but small enough to care about your business and the people in it.
  • We industrialise the boring stuff so we can focus on giving you excellent IT that works how and when you want it to.
  • Time based billing is not how we operate. Why reward someone for taking hours to do a job that would take someone with more skill a fraction of that. We are very highly skilled and are constantly researching and networking with companies and products that are being explored worldwide.
  • We do not outsource to third parties. Our range of In house expertise allows us to control the core components of your managed infrastructure giving you more control and oversight on security and integration.

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