Services & Technologies



How to use Information Technology to gain competitive advantage.


Driving operational efficiency to control costs and optimise the efficiency of your business’ resources.

Operating Systems


The ubiquitous enterprise and home operating system. Deployed across desktops, servers and mobile devices.

Mac OS

Fast becoming the main choice for home users and power users in the enterprise. Mac OS and iOS (for mobile devices) is fast, reliable and secure.


Our first choice for Server Operating Systems due to its speed, reliability, security and low cost. Predominantly we work with Debian and Ubuntu.


Network Security Analysis

By using a comprehensive suite of network analysis tools we can test your network for flaws that would allow access to your business’ private information or cause damage to your network’s proper operation.

Wired and Wireless Networking

We provide and support a broad range of network solutions ranging from single subnet small office networks to large scale multiple subnets/Virtual LANS connecting hundreds of users.
For our wired solutions we use Cisco Small Business and HP Networking equipment but our skills cover a broad range of solutions.
More recently we have partnered with Meru Networks to provide the best performance to cost ratio for managed wireless networks.